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plastic free inside and out please

Fluid plastic, shampoo bars, toothpaste and local pollution.

Obviously we can recognize plastic most of the time and choose not to buy it etcetera, but some plastics are invisible if you don’t know they’re there. In clothes for one thing, though this is hardly news to many out there. Elsewhere, plastic is more insidiously hidden. On place I discovered recently I was buying and using plastic was in toothpaste – I had no idea that most toothpastes have plastic in them, it’s what makes them foam, and its skin irritants but in too small amounts to actually notice in our mouths. Yet we put this plastic in our mouths an literally brush our teeth with it. Gross, seriously. And hardly healthy, considering how toxic plastic is. Some brands that are working without secret plastic in the paste are Weleda and Georganics, and there are more out there. Another place is cleaning devices that we spray about us and poor down the sink, especially dishwasher and liquid hand soaps are basically directly washed out into the system to pollute the local area and water ways. Shampoo products are the same, I think it’s worth considering whether that shiny glow is worth and just polluting the environment for, or whether changing to a natural shampoo bar for example is worth while (another post will advice on how to make the change if you’re interested in that).

So it’s not just the plastic bottles and containers, but the seemingly innocent (or oftentimes obviously chemical) content that’s polluting your house, body and the environment. Most if not all normal household products have non-toxic plastic free alternatives, and each product exchanged makes a difference. Like the less plastic-based clothes you have (and wash), the less microplastics end up in the environment from your machine.

If you want to read more about plastic and what (as well as what little) we know about its effects on humans and non-human environment, here’s a suggestion.

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