one tree, two trees, there’s a forest, Ecosia!

ecosia plant a tree for you and me

The easiest and laziest way to help planting trees and reduce CO2.

Ecosia is a fantastic search engine. We all use search engines all the time, whether it’s google or something else. But if you care about the environment, try installing Ecosia as your search engine, homepage or whatever; for every search entered is a tree on your account, and every 45 trees is a real tree planted! Ecosia uses its profits from adds to support forestation projects around the world, and they fight to preserve old forests from demolition and capitalistic exploitation. Search engines use adds, so why not dismiss those that do it for their own gain and support green initiatives while you do nothing other than what you would do anyway – roam the internet.

They care about you privacy and reduce more CO2 than they produce. True, they may not have as many connections as you are used to, but they’ve gotten a lot better over the years I’ve used it, and the more people use it as their primary engine, the better I think they will become (while trying to save the planet and the lot of us.) But read about it yourself, and remember to install it while you’re there!

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