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Who doesn’t love an awesome, fun feminist tv-show.. if only they weren’t so hard to find! Here are some great ones though.

So many tv series and films out there are great, well-produced, and exciting and have some really talented female co-stars, or one, and maybe they’re even central to the narrative! But what about shows that engage with female issues (other than the love of a great/troubled/on-a-quest guy), with feminist and realistic representations of women, sexuality, gender, friendship?

Some amazing series that everyone, no matter gender or sexuality would enjoy watching are the entertaining and hilarious Sex Education and Tuca & Bertie – both shows created by women! They are exciting, well-produced, and you might even learn something while watching.

Both shows are available on Netflix. Of course there are many more amazing shows out there, and it’s not intentional that both shows mentioned here are on Netflix (they have a lot of shit on there too, as most services do).

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