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buy less wear more

The main point here is, don’t! High consumerism and especially fast fashion is really, really bad for the planet. You probably know some if not all of reasons; CO2 emissions, high pressure on ressources, huge amounts of waste and unused clothes in your closet, in the shops, in storages and in landfills (that is if it’s not burned); waste and pollution of water through toxins and dyes; and serious social issues such as production conditions, labour exploitation and inequality – with these injustices mainly affecting women.

So! Use what you have, mend your stuff, swap with friends, and when you do shop buy second hand. There’s so much amazing stuff out there that’s in good condition or can be mended or improved with a bit of creativity. It’s easy to buy second hand online or pop in when you happen to pass a charity or vintage shop, or make a trip out of it – second hand on a shoestring!

When you do need or want to buy new, make sure you buy from local (to your part of the world) brands that are actively fighting climate change and pollution in their production – brands that are CO2 neutral or even catch more than they emit, brands that use sustainably sourced or (even better) recycled materials, and that produce locally, reducing transportation, and consciously without polluting toxins or exploiting the people who work for them.

A few suggestions if you’re based in Europe (there are many more out there, just do a bit of research online):

Organic Basics – Denmark

Two Thirds – Spain

WAWWA Clothing – England

So… next time you feel like going shopping, check these out, go second hand or treat yourself to a cafĂ© visit instead! Or a walk in the park, a museum trip, or iceskating or… endless options!

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