The r’s

reuse, reduce, refuse, recycle, remove. and reclaim.

You probably know the five r’s, they’re quite famous by now. I doubt an explanation is needed, but for the sake of clarity I’ll quickly summarise. These actions are especially associated with fighting plastic pollution, but can are also relevant in relation to almost any type of (over-)consumption.

Reuse what you already have till it’s actually worn out or broken.

Reduce your consumption – need is more important than want.

Refuse single use plastic bags, straws, wrappings, and other things you don’t need.

Recycle everything that can be, avoid what can’t.

Remove plastic trash and other trash where you see it.

This last one has got a lot of attention in recent years, with great initiatives for cleaning up oceans, beaches, forests and cities, though I’m not sure we’ve quite gotten yet to where it’s natural for most of us to pick up trash whenever, wherever we see it. Would be great to get there.

Reclaim is another one I think we need to add. Lets help reclaim space for nature, for natural growth and animal habitats rather than human production, pleasure and consumption.

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